If Debbie Harry, Jimi Hendrix, Kate Bush, and Keith Moon had been kidnapped by vegan aliens and bred, sometimes being tortured with hot poky things, in the pursuit of the ultimate rock & roll sound, the result may have sounded a little like this. Blending cherry-liqueur lyrics, bubblegum-kneecap bass electrics, goth-heavy drum compactions and hi-rise guitar sculptures, maybe one day all music will sound this good.


Super sonic power chord punk mash up of Blondie Vs. Pixies, Bugeye are a London 4 piece coming to a live venue near you soon.

// vox + guitar


Angela first picked up a guitar when she was 15 and hasn’t looked back since, from playing gigs at Wembley to having her music featured in film and children’s TV in Japan, she reformed Bugeye back in 2015 with original members from her college days. Originally hailing from East London, where she grew up believing that Sandy Shaw and her mother were one and the same person, Angela currently resides in Croydon – the original home of punk – and when not fronting Bugeye can be found sharing the best parts of her hometown in her blog the Croydonist.

// bass


Paula’s love of the bass came from watching Darcy Wretzky and Kim Deal play. Entirely self taught she has been in Bugeye since it was first formed through chance meetings at a sixth form college in Leyton. Her love of music started young when Sergeant Pepper was a regular sound at parties in her nan’s dining room. In fact her obsession with the cover led her to study art and go on to create her own clothing designs, selling in boutiques in North London. Paula has since migrated to South London’s Crystal Palace. She has the most amazing sleep abilities and can sleep standing up – literally!

// drums


Kerrie started playing drums at age 11 and her life has revolved around music ever since. She studied music at university and has lived, taught and performed across 3 continents since then. After spending 2 years teaching and touring in India and 2 years working and performing in Montreal, she moved to London and joined Bugeye in 2018. When she  is not laying down the beat for Bugeye you will find her turning kids into rockstars at Rocksteady Music Schools.

// keyboard


Grace started learning the piano at 7 years old, and began playing keyboard in punk bands at the age of 18. Her first pop-punk band were briefly signed, and toured the UK playing some well known venues such as Wembley Arena. Her frustration with the lack of female role models in music led her to pursue a PhD in German punk heroine Nina Hagen, exploring philosophy, gender and sexuality. She now lives and teaches music in Peckham.